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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Healthy Living Summit - weekend photo-ed

Saturday morning walk in Grant Park

Free outdoor group fitness

The Bean

Bean-ey bloggers Jessie, Stina, & Mary

She blinded me with science swag bags!

Hello mini croissants! I love you!

Bagel thins & fresh fruit... mmmmm fruit! NOM NOM NOM!

Step #1 in how to eat like a mad healthy woman
Almond butter on bagel thin, brown sugar oatmeal, fruit, plain Greek yogurt, OJ & water

Step #2
Ham and cheddar sandwich thin, edamame/carrot/quinoa salad, chickpea salad, green salad, water
Sadly my stomach wasn't super happy before lunch and I didn't get to enjoy this as much as I wanted. If I was 100% I would have gone back for seconds of the salads!

I lost my phone aka "How to be late to the Time Management session." I dumped my swag bags in a pre-panic mode move. The phone ended up under my lunch table. PHEW!

Swag nicely arranged post lunch and pre-nap. I missed the fitness sessions and the last snack break but napping to Legend of the Seeker w all lights on - no creepy stories gonna get me w a quiet room! - helped me feel better.

After grrrga yoga, turkey cheddar burger w grilled onions and amazing fries from Epic Burger. Happy meal after a non-thrilling class for me. Peppy instructor who would be AMAZING for pilates but not my cup of tea for yoga even if it was core infused and 83 degree room which makes me know that I will never take a hot yoga class. Everything is a learning experience!

You know you want a fries close up!

Sunday breakfast fruit NOM NOM NOM

YAY razzberries! Not the same as picking them from the yard but they were excellent.

Dramatic bagel thins...think piano music in some sort of cabaret, they are all staring at each other....ok maybe not.

Cream cheese station toppings
Such a good idea!


  1. That swag photo is great and hysterical and great again! You look so organized!

  2. HAH! I'm not a super organized person. lol.

    I was determined after dumping the bag to get photos of the swag, which I did, all 10 odd of them. I thought it'd be a little much to post them all.