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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Semi-vampire day

Both cats are sleeping right now. Bond is in the grey IKEA barrel chair and Frankie is on the dog pillow which I should just start calling the pet floor pillow since they all sleep on it. I was part of the sleeping masses earlier and was wiped out on the couch for a good part of the day. Stupid migraine. UGH! I'm feeling better now but still wavery and aggravated since I know I won't get as much done as I had hoped today. The one thing I am extremely lucky though is that it's this weekend and not next weekend for HLS. I'd seriously be in tears if I was stuck in a hotel room w a migraine. I do always carry stuff w me but that would NOT be fun.

So this week it's back to making sure everything is the norm. We ate out a bit too much last week and I wasn't sleeping too too well even though I was getting sleep. The bit thing that I know it's the TOM which is an obvious hormonal shift. I am not a PMS beast nor do I suffer from horrid cramps during so I cannot complain that much nor do I. I just get super sleepy. I have known girls/women who are pretty much stuck in the house with a hot water bottle, some sort of OTC painkiller and the tv remote. so I'm one of the luckier ones.

I had hoped to go to the eye doc today. It wasn't an appointment but rather just to see if I need a mild prescription. At times I don't know if my eyes are tired or my vision has lessened a bit. I've never been one to need glasses so if this is the case, going almost 30 years sans them works out pretty well.

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