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Monday, August 9, 2010



  • Bad almonds, yogurt, coffee drink, or combo of = sick all day
  • Surviving off pretzels, Revive Vitamin Water, regular Coke and AB&J sandwiches & tea
  • Road construction adding hour and half to my usually long commute
  • Eyebrow threading really hurting this time
  • New yoga pants missing, aka absorbed by the closet and hopefully not the vortex that has claimed one brown shoe and Mr CSYA's good black hoodie
  • Cough is back aka "are you sure you aren't dying"


  • Eyebrows looking awesome from threading
  • Healthy Living Summit is THIS WEEKEND!
  • HLS = new reason to go to Target for cute new shirt
  • Giant knot in neck is 1/2 gone
  • Bond, the kitten, is grumpy but not freaked out from being trapped by our dogs yesterday
  • Taking different route to work tomorrow morning = no insane construction
  • Wearing cute dress tomorrow since it's supposed to be 90 & humid

List is how my brain is working more so than sentences today. It also keeps channeling the old Muppet shows where Kermit yells while running around flapping his arms above his head. I tried finding it on YouTube but ended up with some creepy options in the search results. EEK!


  1. Hope to run into you at HLS! :)

  2. So excited for HLS! And to answer your FB message, my plan was to stay Friday and Saturday night.