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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I have had this song stuck in my head all week. Luckily I really like it so that isn't a horrible thing. (Flo Rida's Low was also part of a CD on repeat for my bachelorette party limo so that brings back good memories.)

Even though I know it will be super cheese-fest, I want to see Step Up 3D. I've seen the first two, but not in theaters. The recent resurgence of 3D movies is intriguing yet I haven't gotten out to see one. (I was told that Avatar was supposedly superb in 3D and my lack of utter wow-ed-ness was due to seeing it at home. )

So yes, here I am wanting to see the dance movie. I have a soft spot for dance movies from years of dance training as a kid, two years in a swing troupe as a teenager, and part of my early twenties when "going out dancing" was actually going out dancing and not just giggling/sticking my chest out while trying to pick up a guy. If someone was interested in me after dancing my butt off for several hours to the point where only I knew I left the house wearing makeup and desperately needing a shower, so be it. Please note that I met my husband not at a bar/club/et al but through a mutual friend in high school but that's a story for another time.

This weekend I've been in lazy mode which is good. Between a migraine attack and my sinuses being a bit off I am not pushing it to get sick for next weekend. I'll be heading to bed early all week, or as early as possible, this week as well. I just have to make sure I give myself enough time to pack. I'm pretty good at packing up what I need and this time I can technically run home if need be even though it will be annoying to do so. The only thing is I treated myself to a new workout outfit for the yoga class and now that I know a good amount of people are wearing yoga pants at HLS on Sat I need to find out where I put them. It'll be in the one place I didn't look more likely than not, the drawer they actually as supposed to be in.

I have been watching Hoarders: Buried Alive and it makes me want to clean and go through to donate stuff. While I am not the neatest person, I am far from that extreme. I do have clothes that barely don't fit and keep asking myself if I should just keep them or get rid of them. Knowing that if I am 5lbs smaller something will fit, and it is in good condition, makes me question donating. My goal is to get in better shape which will more than likely either end up in a loss of pounds or a loss of inches.

Tonight's dinner was a steal of a deal since most of it came from Aldi. I am a firm believer in Aldi, which is a low cost grocery store. The packaging isn't fancy and some things are pretty basic. They do have a health-centered line Fit & Active which has nice whole wheat pasta, amazing low fat key lime pie yogurt, and ground turkey for about $3 a pound including tax. Some stuff is kind of "ih" like their version of Coke which, to me, has a peppery aftertaste.

Dinner for 2:
Three cheese & spinach stuffed tortellini ($1.69)
Tomato sauce ($0.25)
Yellow bell pepper( 3 peppers for $2.79 = $0.93)
1/2 package frozen precooked medium tail-on shrimp ($3.49 = $1.75)

From home/already in cabinet/fridge:
Garlic powder
Red pepper flakes
Italian herb blend
Olive oil (used to cook the peppers before adding the tomato sauce)
1/4 cup reduced fat mozzarella cheese

Total cost from Aldi: $4.62

I've been paying more and more attention to prices of food. If it is good quality and deserving, then I'll pay more money but if it is average run of the mill stuff why should I spend so much?

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