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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Healthy Living Summit: Friday @ LaSalle Power Co

When I read that the cocktail party was being held at LaSalle Power Co I was quite excited. I had read about it and the reviews were mixed so this was a good opportunity to enjoy the location with good company. It also gave me the excuse to buy a new dress that may just be worn to a wedding next summer. (If it ends up too big by then, it should be able to be taken in as well - yay for thinking ahead!)

After the bus adventure turned Blue Line adventure, Lisa and I met up with Stina. Our room was nice and clean yet you could tell it was an old hotel. (The hotel logo was everywhere too which was both amusing and a bit all over the place.) We headed over to the Red Line to get to the party and ran into Haya and Mary (That was two off my Twitter list. Yes, I had a Twitter list of people to meet,) as well as Andrea and her cute dress with the bright fabric flower attached. I love that after awhile it was easy to find the bloggers heading to the event. Female 19ish-35ish, adorable dress, cute shoes, big grin, travels in small groups. :)

I loved that they had marquee set up welcoming us. I have seen band names of friends done up in the same way but never was it this exciting for me.

After a crazy metal scare-case climb, we made it up to the top floor where the party was being held. The place was gorgeous but I don't do well with heights and stairs that you can see through, be it railings or the actual steps. I actually went down them barefoot on the way out.

The menu was "heavy appetizers" and I could have easily ended up with a heavy plate of the mini turkey burgers. They were extemely good even with no condiments added. The red pepper hummus was exceptionally tasty (must try this at home) and the spinach/artichoke dip was a good mix of both. I ended up using my drink ticket for a Coors Light, though I drank water while I ate. Overall, I was pleased and satisfied and ready to find people.

I was on a mission (insert Blues Brothers banter here) to find people especially Jess and Erin. After awhile, "Have you seen A Girl & Her Mutt and/or Black Cat Kitchen?" became "Haveyou seenAGirl&HerMuttandorBlackCatKitchen?" since I have a tendency to talk a lot and quite rapidly when wired especially happy wired.

One happy shrieky introduction moment later, I found Jess and "made" her take a picture.


The rest of the night was a blur of talking to misc bloggers and readers. I didn't realize how late it had gone until the photobooth was being broken down - without Stina and I realizing it and not getting a pic, and the "thanks for coming" was announced. I hadn't found Erin but figured I'd run into her sometime on Saturday.


We headed out not too long afterwards with mutterings of fro-yo and a small group headed in the drizzling rain to the Red Line. While technically a cab works in situations like this I can't help but lean towards public transportation when there is a group. If I was alone then it would have been a different story. The fro-yo place ended up closing within minutes so that didn't work but it was still a good idea.


  1. Ha! I'm sad we weren't able to hit up the yarn store. Next time?!

  2. OMG yes! I totally forgot about it. Yarn store + knitting in Grant Park combo.

  3. Scare-case is RIGHT!!! coming from the girl who grew up in a ranch, had a first floor condo, and then bought a ranch. that was not.fun.