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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Almost to the first, 5k that is

Saturday is my first 5k ever.

I have been excited, a bit nervous, and a bit guilty since I know I could have run/trained more/better. This is all super new to me - the jargon, the gear, et al.

I went to the expo today to get my bib and the swag bag (as well as stop at the Bondi Band booth.) I had heard that this was a great bag in terms of stuff so that was an extra perk. Plus I had registered early enough to make the group that got the technical zip-up runner jacket. SWEET! I have no real technical gear especially in the jacket sense since my running is more so warm/warm-ish weather.

While I am running this more so as something I want to do as a personal accomplishment as well as for charity, I can't help but think the jacket was a buzzkill. I was expecting technical jacket to be more synthetic based and not have a fuzzy sweatshirt interior and sizing way too small. My armpits are tight to the point where I worry about chafing and it is a medium, which is the size my runner - as in 1/2/full marathon serious runners - friends recommended. I didn't want to get something too oversized since I've read and been told that more fitted is better. This is just a bit ridic. I am hoping to stretch it out so I can actually wear it to run though I highly doubt it will be this weekend. I wanted to wear it as a badge of honor, a "look what I pushed myself to do" and now I don't even know how often I'd wear it zipped up. if I was large chested, I doubt I'd ever wear it zipped up.


On a much better note: I did make it to the Bondi Band booth and get two that I abso love.

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