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Friday, November 5, 2010

Back to regularly scheduled blog blabbering

I am in a much better mood today rather than yesterday. After venting to/with Cate, Stina, and Jenn, I feel much much better. Plus I have a plan of attack to make the jacket-thing fit better, make Hubs put it on as best as possible. Yep. I know it is silly but having my 6ft 4in, broad shouldered hubby stretch it out should make it more comfortable.

With tomorrow being my first "real" run, today is prep. That way I am not rushing tonight to get all my stuff settled and I didn't have to run out earlier in the week to get the Shot Bloks that I keep forgetting. While I do think there is one hiding somewhere in the pantry, I always like having at least one in the house or a pack of something similar.

I've recently tried to take more of a relax mode in the evening in the sense of dinner and some TV watching with Hubs. I can get into go go go mode too easily and then get crabby when I don't even realize I am doing so. Lately we've been watching Eureka on Netflix which both of us enjoy. While it is quite silly in terms of the reality aspect of some of the gadgets and whatnot, it is clearly sci-fi in more of a sitcom manner which I always enjoy.

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