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Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble wobble and early alarms

I have my Thanksgiving traditions. Dinner at 1pm at my parents house. A table filled with everything from turkey to sweet potatoes to brussel sprouts. My Gram's amazing pumpkin pie. Cheesecake for an evening snack. Pumpkin pie and/or cheesecake for breakfast the next day. Bowl of stuffing made using great-grandfather's recipe for lunch. Yesterday and today had all those traditions as well as adding the dog show and a football game on TV.

Hubs and I decided to start a new tradition last night. Perhaps it won't be a new tradition but early morning shopping on Black Friday wasn't something we normally do. If someone wants to stand in line outside of a not yet store in the cold, more power to them. I like my warm bed. Now getting breakfast in bed pre-going to the stores that have already been open for a short time super early works perfectly to get me moving.

After my brain registered that it was in fact 3-something am, we were out of the house by a little after four and done by 7am. Kohls was packed but the lines were moving ok. Best Buy was a mad house and we stood in line for 40 minutes. On the bright side I now know which microwave, dishwasher, and oven/range I want if money was no option from inching our way through that line and the major appliance section.

The best part is we are mostly done with our holiday gifts and saved a good amount of money. Being able to stay within budget and get things for a good number of people is great. Now I have to wrap and keep the cats from lounging on the paper while I do so. Seriously they are little purring homing devices for anything paper. (As Frankie now scampers through the living room merrow singing.)

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