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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'll take a Number 0 with a side of tummyache please

Years ago I was a fast food/takeout lunch person at least twice a week. This was pre-Hubs so I was single, sans mortgage as well as major bills, and didn't care that I was spending at least $8 on lunch when I could make it at home for much much cheaper. Add grab and go breakfasts and french vanilla capps to that as well. It was pretty expensive and not the best food to be consuming at large quantities. On top of all of that add two cans of Coke a day to the mix.

I look back at that, minus the Coke since while I have seriously cut down I won't cut it out, and wonder how I seriously didn't feel like crap every day. Perhaps I did but can't remember it now. Hubs and I do eat fast food/takeout but nowhere near that amount. Today I really wanted a cheeseburger, a salad and a walk (great combo right?) so I went to one of the local fast food places. I was happy until my stomach decided it was angry with me. NOT COOL!

I've found that the better we eat in general the more processed food doesn't like me. I don't know if it is becoming healthier means my body isn't tolerating the "nonsense" like it did before or I just am associating the ick result (which isn't always the result though) afterwards because of this.

Fall Back with the time is taunting me now. After Saturday's 5k, the "I wanna go run!" for after work is there but it is too dark for me to feel safe. It's not that we live in a bad neighborhood but general safety especially with cars seeing me (Note: I need reflectors or tape or something) or me tripping on something (Note: This is very possible.) makes me wary. Plus I want to take Molly out with me. She is a good dog and does listen but if she somehow gets away from me, it would be even more nerve wracking if it is in the dark. The dogs both have gotten out of the yard before and it is quite terrifying when I can't find one of them. Luckily they have never gotten far but it is still so not fun.

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