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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thwunk there it goes

I managed to launch a volleyball off my own face yesterday.

It was just a sign that I needed to go home right then and there.

I went to volleyball in sort of a "ih" mood. Mentally I wasn't all there but I figured I'd be fine. I was even more frazzled by the guy on the bike that darted out in front of my truck. Luckily I had seen him even though he was in dark clothing with headphone and riding with one hand since the other held a cigarette. I hit the horn and he just waved me off like it was nothing. Wow. Luckily I know people cross the street in that area and always take extra effort to look or I would have been extremely close to have hitting him or scaring him pretty well.

So back to my athletic greatness... I was there but really not. I was playing but my head wasn't into it. I decided to step it up and try harder in an attempt to get my out of my funk. Well the funk turned into a THWUNK due to a really poorly executed bump. I managed to hit myself in edge of the left eye socket. OUCH! I saw stars, got all teary and had to go sit down.

I was totally not there after that and add the worry of hitting myself in the head again. I ended up not playing the last game which is technically not for rank and more so just for fun. I was out of it and obviously getting on others nerves. Since these are actual friends of mine and not random people I am playing with, I decided it was best to go home rather than in a stupid argument.

Was I happy I left? Of course not. I was in pain, frustrated, and a bit embarrassed. I just knew that for me it was best to get myself out of the situation and home. Home sweet home made even sweeter but Hubs bringing me home ice cream. He could tell I was upset when he called. He was getting groceries for dinner and asked what I wanted. Chocolate ice cream is what popped into my head and he ended up bringing me the Hot Cocoa flavor from Edy's Slow Churned. Yum. While I am not a frequent emotional eater, I am a true believer in the healing powers of chocolate. A small bowl later, I was in a better mood.

I was in an even better mood this morning when I didn't wake up with a black eye. I have a tiny bruise that I can see sans makeup but nothing that would worry anyone and not to cause my to have to wear a little sign saying "Guess who hit herself in the eye with a volleyball."

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