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Friday, November 12, 2010

Salt and Sweet equals EEP EEP EEP!

This entire week I have been in Muppet mode at least twice. Muppet mode for me is when it is fast paced yet still with PAAAUUUUSSSSSSSSSE moments but at least once a day I feel like at least mental I go into WAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA! state similar to Kermit running around flailing his arms or Animal wailing on the drums. Plus all the days blur together and at least one day is called the previous or next day at least once.

Usually I know it's if I eat too much sugar, salt, or caffeine. Survey says! All three! The reality check is that I know once I watch it again, the zipping about, at least mentally, will be gone. On a bright side though, I do get a lot done, or at least a good amount of my to-do list attacked.

With the crazy weather changes I haven't gotten my winter clothes settled which is starting to bug me. I know I have things to donate and I have things to keep as well as add to the decide later list. I just keep finding myself pushing one thing back to finish another or reordering my priority list for things around the house. The canned good might be migrating to the front of the pantry which leads to things getting lost in the back but I also have three pairs of matching clean socks. There are others that are clean but The Vortex (the thing that eats things in the house) has not released the matches yet. I have two stinky dogs that need baths (and hopefully a husband who will take care of at least the furrier of the two which is Cosmo) but I also have cook books ready to fall off a shelf and on to my head. Add the fact that I really want to sit and knit and not think of anything else at the same time. Yup. Not gonna happen any time soon but overall it's more of a grrrr than a whine I think. I know I will get to it all I just want it all POOF! done at once.

I tried to find Kermit freaking out but I found this which is much better to leave you with for tonight.

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