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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Race results

I was finally able to get my race results from the RAM racing site rather than the actual Hot Chocolate site. I knew it'd be hard especially with thousands of people trying to see how they did.

This was a run/walk combo and so I am happy. My goal for the next 5k is to beat it by at least a minute which is realistic even if it is a baby step. EDIT: I meant my pace to be at least one minute faster, not the entire time.

Pace: 13 min 53 sec

Total time: 43 min 07 sec

Another runner is sending me a large women's jacket after I responded to her post. I am super happy because now I can wear it out more. The only deal was that I pass mine along to someone else who got stuck with one that didn't fit right. I plan to do this once the one from her arrives.


  1. Congratulations!! And even though it was super crowded, I hope you had a GREAT first race experience, and have caught the running bug a little harder! I think you'll surprise yourself with your next race with a time far better than just 1min faster. Knowing how your body performs over distances and in a race gives you a much better base for the next race!

  2. I am definitely excited to run again.

    I realize I meant pace as one minute faster not total time. I'm making the edit now.