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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Creak crack creeeeeeeeeeaaaak

I woke up today wanting an egg sandwich and a massage. I made the sandwich but no deal on the massage. After yesterday's napping, two pain relievers before bed and a good night's sleep, I was sore but not as bad as I had anticipated. Tomorrow I know the owwww delay will kick in because that is just the norm with my body. I need to read much more about post-run recovery.

Today we finally got to the grocery store. I wanted apples and bananas. Hubs wanted a ham. I'm not joking, a ham. He had a taste for one and until we got one home and in the oven it would keep bugging him. I've had that happen to me before including a time in college that I really wanted a sugar butter w M & Ms cookie from the place in the mall. After three days, I drove just for the cookie to the mall. I laughed the entire way home.

With all the sweets due to Halloween, I was just wanting fruit. I splurge on holidays and celebrations especially since I know after awhile I'll get sick of it. For me if someone bakes, cooks, spends time making something, I'm going to have some if I can (excluding anything with peanuts due to my allergy or something that I know I will get sick from having.) Eat a cookie, not the entire package/tray/etc. I know this doesn't work for others but it does for me.

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